Body Acne Implications

hnbv53t6ey42t57yd62Body acne is a kind of skin disease due to pores clogging. It is also a type of acne frequently seen on the back and other parts of the body. Most often acne grows on the face while a person who has body acne is bothered with pimples, blackheads and whiteheads on their bodies. This skin disease leaves a person a harsh feeling, emotional stress and diminishing confidence. Teenagers mostly feel this way by being bullied by their same age buddies and bothered not to notice by their crushes. They think that smooth skin is a silent form of beauty and popularity.

What you should know

Body acne is normal to be seen on the back which is alsplkn36te4r26ys72o known as “bacne” but one can also have on shoulder, neck, chest and even on buttocks area. Body acne typically is a skin disease that can be hidden through clothing unlike common acne on the face, which is a center of attraction of your overall personality. It is just that you can’t go to swimming pools or beaches without your clothes on.

Body acne is a skin disease for all ages. Years ago, the doctors taught that body acne is a part of the adolescence stage only where adolescent experiences the puberty and hormonal body changes. But as the years go by, many cases show that adults also suffer from this kind of illness, and it is on the rise. Increasing adult acne patients consult their doctors regarding these problems on medications and preventions issues.

Body acne is one of the most common skin diseases especially to those who live in a country with a hot weather. Hot weather leaves the pores largely open through loosening of the muscles around the pores which causes an increase of sebum on the body. Sebum is produced by a sebaceous gland which is responsible for preventing water loss and keeping the skin moisturized. But with the excessive duplication of sebum, it may cause the bacteria, reproduced by air pollution or environmental substances to be trapped in the pores which result to its clogging that builds-up the blackheads, whiteheadkmnb35t36eyd52r7syu8u2s, and pimples.

Using cosmetics can also worsen the body acne. Its efficiency of penetrating deep into the pores can cause infections and clogging. The chemicals contained within it particularly the oil called linulin, contributes to the excessive reproduction of sebum.

Body acne is a skin disease that can cause a lot of problems if proper treatment is not implemented and if not cured immediately. It can cause scars or worst, skin cancer.