Features Of Coleman Hot Tub

The Coleman has been trusted by many consumers for sturdy construction, ease of use and long lasting durability in all their products in the market. The old Coleman green, the Lay-z inflatable hot tub provides an excellent spa experience at a lower price. If an individual considers pampering, this type of hot tub is he or she should consider. In cases whereby a person soaks for about ten minutes, he or she will set out of the tub rejuvenated and rested. The features of Coleman Hot Tub are as follows;


Heating system is rapid

kjkjjkjjknnbbvThe hot tub water temperature is set quickly by the rapid heating system in the range of two to three degrees per hour or a duration of twenty-four hours to raise the temperature of water to a maximum of 104 degrees. There is existence of users who report that the hot water is filled and the temperature is attained in a period of six hours. Hence more money will be spent on hot water while achieving this.

Control panel is digital

The digital control panel is located on the top of the large green egg-shaped device. Its role is to control all the features of the hot tub, bubbles are activated, the temperature is controlled and locks the control panel as a child-safety feature. The auto lock button automatically closes the control panel.

Integrated water filtration

The water in the hot tub is kept clean by the filtration system and usually comes with a twin pack of two additional filters. The filtration system automatically restarts when the heating system is activated. The filtration system will continue to operate even if the heating system is switched off from the switch.

Cover is insulated

The cover that is insulated with an aluminum foil is used to cover the hot tub when nobody is using it. The insulated cover maintains heat and keeps out debris from the hot tub. Inside the cover there around fitted leather type piece which inflates to provide better insulation.

Lay-Z massage system

The Lay-Z massage system is the primary and standard feature of the Coleman Hot tub. It comprises of a hydro massage system which is powered by one hundred and twenty bubble jets.

Mosaic print pool liner

lkklkkkklklnbbnThe pool liner contains mosaic print with the floor which is cushioned and has a convenient drain valve.
Chemical Floater: The chemical floater is a small plastic device which floats in the water, and the necessary chemicals are quickly dispensed with it.