Features Of Quality Espresso Machine

Features Of Quality Espresso Machine

Espresso is quite different from coffee. It is a concentrated hot beverage brewed using hot water under high pressure and forcing it through fine ground coffee. This produces a highly concentrated drink with elevated levels of caffeine. You can check some reviews on CoffeeOnFleek.com. Therefore, the espresso machine is used as a base for beverages involving coffee.


To ensure quality is maintained utg2w3edt623edy72u8i2892pon brewing an espresso, a checklist is needed when purchasing an espresso coffee maker. Various features cannot be ignored when deciding on the type of espresso machine to bring at home. Prices and brand names do vary regarding espresso coffee makers. Some of the useful features a quality espresso machine should have included;

15-bar pump driven machine

This implies that the machine can pump hot water into the ground at a high pressure. This device is pretty standard. Besides, there are other 20-bar machines in the market.

Distance yourself from Steam-driven model

This model does not force water through the coffee such as the bar pump systems does for a better espresso extraction. Steam-driven espresso machines develop a pressure of 2-3 bars to push hot water through the espresso. This feature makes steam driven machines less expensive. Self-priming filtering holder with three interchangeable inserts which supports a single or double shot of espresso drink.

Many removable parts

Removable parts such as removable drip tray and a removable water tank ensure easy cleaning of the equipment.

Dual thermostats

This feature separately controls both water and steam pressure such that you can prepare espresso and froth for cappuccinos simultaneously.

Shapes and sizes

This is a hjmm2w3ed5t2e6dy27u82i2vital feature to look at when purchasing an espresso machine since the commercial machines come in various sizes and shapes. The basis for this feature lays on the number of groups the device at a given time. For instance, some machines come with one station for making the beverage at a time while others come with three or four stations for making espresso thus supporting a high volume made at one time.

You cannot wish to pay less for a machine that takes all the time to prepare the espresso.Instead, you would prefer paying much more for a unit machine that takes less time to make the espresso. When purchasing the product, it’s always recommended to read the product description to understand the duration of time taken when making a cup of coffee