How to choose trendy and classy dresses

How to choose trendy and classy dresses

As we approach a season of festivities, there arises the need to stay current, trendy and fashionable. If there is one fashion item that comes in handy whether it is for an evening out with friends, a formal dinner, a work outfit or a bridal outfit, then it is the dress.

Below are tips on how to choose a classy and trendy dress;

Know your body type and pick a dress that accentuates it.

A lady with an hourglass shape would look good in a dress that calls attention to their slim waist.

In contrast, a lady with a big bust would look great in an outfit with a deep neckline, a plus size lady could never go wrong with a wrap dress or a maxi dress because not only does it create an even out shape, it outlines their figure.


Consider your fabric preferences.

Cotton is cheap and easy to clean but will easily lose its shape with time while denim is quite firm and resistant to wear and tear. Linen is quite neat and makes very good casual wear. Silk and satin maybe more expensive but they are definitely quality and fashionable.

Pick a dress that can easily transition from a day to night wear.

As much as we all want that one amazing outfit, we may sometimes not want the hassle and buckle that is carrying outfits around or even constantly changing. One should, therefore, choose a dress that can be worn from one event without the need to change it. A dress that can be worn with or without a belt is a good example of such.

Jewelry and accessory options.

Choose a dress that can be worn with different other fashion items and still look fashionable. If you plan on adorning gold jewelry pick a dress that will not mask the gold but accentuate it dull colors are better worn with gold while silver jewelry can pretty much be worn with anything.



Choosing a dress that has to be worn with a belt means you have to ensure the fabric of the belt itself is not conflicting to the dress fabric. It also means that one has to ensure that the belt does conflict with their body shape.

Elastic rubber belts are better because they ensure that when one sits, there is no bumps and ruffles. Hence the belt should be avoided and definitely considered when buying a dress.