Making News Engaging through News Ledge

Making News Engaging through News Ledge

The NewsLedge brothers from Gadsden, Alabama have caught the attention of internet lovers with funny, interesting and somewhat weird news stories. Their homepage is evidence of true dedication to making news fun and engaging. Many news sites offer a ton of information, but none of them is quite like News Ledge, which aims to make each piece as personal as possible. We provide valuable information to entertain and educate folks in the south as well as other parts of the world. Our eye for newsworthy yet exciting content means that you will always be in the know about upcoming events, and trends.


Interactive news

The main idea behind this interactive news website was to invite discussions about various topics in our newskplmbvxzqw coverage. This means we go from utterly funny to real serious with different stories on our site. Even with these amazing abilities we are not a tad uptight as those who have talked to us can confess.

We have a bunch of interests, but since we cannot cover everything, we have no choice but dismiss some content. Our areas of attention are gaming, science and technology, gear, lifestyle, movies and TV.

Different topics

Brothers Alex and Marcus are a great team who love writing on different topics. Marcus covers lifestyle while Alex is the science guy. Whoever is on the computer covers breaking news when they happen. Our personalities and versatility allow us to pick the most incredible stories and present those using impressive images and videos.

Our site is attractive, but that isn’t superficial beauty because we invested in making it easy to navigate. Videos are accessible; content loads fast, and you can easily share the news you like with friends on Facebook. There is nothing better than having a trusted site to go to for news coupled with an excellent team of editors pleasantly waiting for your input.


kjkjkjkjkjWe hope to include podcasts shortly as well as other ambitions to make the New sledge experience even better. You are welcome to call us whenever you like as in true southern hospitality we will respond to all your news needs.

Our website has a contact page with a natural form which you can use to reach us or if you like use or We are also wise enough to know that your input is the key to our success so feel free to offer any tips, suggestions and even criticize.